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The Globitex GBX Token Globitex will introduce a crypto by Globitex

GBX shall be utilized to pay charges for settling Globitex exchange trades, include loyalty programmes and take part in the firm’s future success, assisting to affiliate interests between its users, contributors and the exchange. Over time, in-line with the roadmap and increased exchange platform adoption, the bonus amount can increase to stimulate widespread utilization of the Globitex GBX tokens for trade settlement. All registered clients of the Globitex exchange will be able to redeem the Globitex GBX tokens as payment for commission. It will allow producers to buy or sell exchange-listed products for cryptocurrencies, and trading firms and speculators to hedge their risks with derivatives trading.

All of this will finally put the money markets on the path of development and growth. It has divided its ICO sale into several stages; and this strategy will surely shine brightly especially when a huge funding has been received during the token sale. Once the intended ICO target is achieved, this crypto exchange will take a big step toward developing dedicated Bitcoin money markets.

  • The normal token cost is going to be EUR 0.10 comparable, with discounts of even 15% for first investors.
  • If you’re an everyday trader using the liquidity already available on the platform, then you are classed as a market taker.
  • With GBX tokens, Globitex is about to witness a stream of participants ranging from retail investors to institutional traders.
  • On top of a reduction in fees, traders are also accustomed to a range of loyalty benefits as usage increases.
  • The best thing is that this exchange is already running, so you are free to trade on it.

We deeply care about our clients and partners, so we are always making sure that any innovation and upgrade will be a WIN WIN for everyone who is involved or will be affected by it. That is exactly what we had in mind, while working on the GBX for commission payment feature. Like every other project such as DADI, Crypterium, Lendoit, CIF, BunnyToken, CrowdWiz, Mirocana, Qbao, Globitex is about to bring real value to the crypto universe. Here is a list of innovatory elements that this crypto exchange is poised to introduce. All content on is provided solely for informational purposes, and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate.

Other services like additional fiat trading pairs and OTF licensing will happen in the second and third quarter of 2018 respectively. The use of cryptocoins requires a sturdy banking mechanism in order to achieve the outflows and inflows of fiat money, and Globitex has a very powerful legal mechanism in place. In short, this platform is trying to improve the cryptocoin’s liquidity and outreach. With GBX tokens, Globitex is about to witness a stream of participants ranging from retail investors to institutional traders.

What is Globitex Token (GBXT)?

Globitex, an Institutional Bitcoin exchange that is presently in limited beta, is hosting a token sale for scaling up operations to make Bitcoin a real worldwide currency. ContactFounded in 2016 helps millions of people research financial data, historical pricing, latest news on all equities, assets and cryptocurrencies to help you in your investment and trading decisions. A list of the top Globitex Token markets across all crypto exchanges based on the highest 24h trading volume, with their current price. The Globitex exchange is led and a team of experts in cryptocurrency and trading.

Globitex Token

The team aims to create a professional Bitcoin marketplace to fill the need for institutional grade exchange platform with advanced IT solutions. The core development team behind Globitex is very keen to create a market that will function entirely on cryptocoins. With such a marketplace by their side, the participants will be eligible to show the complete list of their assets. Furthermore, these participants will be able to set a specific maturity limit to their respective assets. By doing so, they will use already-allocated interest rates for their assets.

How does GBX work?

Alternatively, if you provide the Globitex exchange with liquidity, and as such, you’re a market maker, then you won’t pay any trading fees at all. Globitex – a cryptocurrency marketplace that aims to cater to both institutional and retail clients, claims to operate on three key pillars of success. As the company grows, Globitex will be listing more instruments for trading that will need to be promoted. Therefore, to incentivise the liquidity and market making activities, an additional 10% bonus budget will be allocated on a regular basis. This means that the trade settlement instrument — the GBX token will appreciate in value depending on the company success.

For professional traders that are looking to minimize their trading fees, the Globitex token affords users with a minimum reduction of up to 20%. The GBX token is also useful in getting further discounts on Euro Wallet fees. On top of a reduction in fees, traders are also accustomed to a range of loyalty benefits as usage increases. The Globitex platform seeks to offer its clients a seamless way to trade crypto-to-fiat asset pairs. At the time of writing, the exchange offers a fully-fledged Euro Wallet that facilitates lighting fast deposits and withdrawals. The GBX utility token shall appear as an EIP-20 (earlier referred to as ERC-20) conforming smart contract on the platform for Ethereum.

The best thing is that this exchange is already running, so you are free to trade on it. By the look of things, the exchange has a clean, professional, neat appearance—and that is what is the opposite of the look and feel of other crypto exchanges. In a way, this platform is a completely institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange. On top of being in possession of the required license to service the European markets, we think that the stand-out feature of the Globitex platform is its Euro Wallet. Never before has it been so convenient and cost-effective to deposit and withdraw fiat currency into and out of a cryptocurrency exchange.

Globitex Token

Bitcoin remains fairly thin traded, with low capacities by established market standards. In spite of being the best currency for global settlement across the financial & commodities spectrum markets, it is not able to cater to this need without a step-variation in trading volumes and market dept. Globitex is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by Globitex group companies, which includes an EMI licensed company, providing a technologically advanced API enabled trading platform for institutional and retail market What is Globitex Token participants. Put simply, Globitex is one of the sturdiest Bitcoin exchange platforms which is creating an impactful transformation by enabling institutional-grade Bitcoin trading. As an ICO, Globitex becomes suitable to invest in if you want the crypto project to be backed by a solid team of experts rather than a loosely knit organization. In short, this crypto exchange seems to be a great example of a centralized architecture that is simultaneously adding tremendous value to blockchain technology.

It is usable to cover commission payments for the trades performed on the Globitex platform. All registered clients of the Exchange are able to redeem GBXT tokens as payment for commissions. Overall, the GBXT Token is expected to have a 10 year lifetime, during which time, tokens can be redeemed, loyalty programs and other success-related benefits enacted.

Globitex (GBX) ICO

This crypto exchange plays on some elements that no other exchange in the competition has thought of and this is how Globitex is planning to shake up the Bitcoin and exchange world. As a relatively new exchange platform, Globitex has a number of plans lined up for 2019 and beyond. As per the platform’s roadmap, Globitex aims to continue adding new trading pairs to its portfolio. As such, this gives the exchange the remit to offer its fiat-to-crypto services within the European Union. This regulatory oversight ensures that Globitex must remain fully compliant with all respective anti-money laundering regulations. is in no way responsible for any claims, losses or expenses that may result by following our advice. By using this website you agree with the limitations and exclusions of liability set out in this disclaimer. Being an institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange, Globitex comes with unmatched API capabilities that will seamlessly scale into a derivations and spot trading venue for the whole world. Furthermore, this crypto exchange will allow the producers to buy all the listed products for Bitcoins. The platform will also enable the speculators and trading firms to use derivatives trading to hedge the risks in Bitcoins.

All About Globitex Token

In terms of withdrawal fees, there is a €0.30 fee when using SEPA, and €30 for non-SEPA transfers. The normal token cost is going to be EUR 0.10 comparable, with discounts of even 15% for first investors. The protocol of Bitcoin has been going through steady steps for the technical scaling of Bitcoin. However, the founders of Globitex acknowledge that the main problem restricting its maximum use is liquidity.

Deposits are free of charge if funding your account with Euros via the SEPA gateway. They are also free when depositing by cryptocurrency, other than the miner’s fee itself. You will only be charged a deposit fee if you transfer funds via a non-SEPA transfer, which amounts to €10.

Globitex Quarterly Returns

The platform has also installed a number of safeguards to help keep your funds safe. This includes the option of setting up two-factor authentication , which will require you to enter a unique code from your mobile phone every time you log in to your account. The team at Globitex recently launched an upgraded version of its main trading arena, which now allows you to access the marketplace 24/7. The Globitex GBX token will have an imputed value allocated for liquidity purposes.